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KingSlayer - ODDKS 76F 60 King Mackerel (Spanish Mackerel) Rod 

Length: 7.6ft " / Lure: 17-54gm / PE Line: 1-3Max / Rod Weight 202gm / Max Drag 8KG

The all-new Oceandevil King Slayer is a state-of-the-art 100% Japan Toray Carbon Casting Machine.

The Rod blank is light and super strong, sensitive tip for fine lure action yet an unmatched back bone for big fish, either a 2kg fish or 30kg fish you will find king slayer an absolute delight and a reliable rod to fish all day. 



Guides - New Fuji  SIC Stainless steal tangle-free guides

Reel Seat - Fuji 22mm Double lock reel seat. New Titanium locking Ring

EVA - 65% Hardened EVA Grip

Gimbal - But is made of 50/50 Cork fusion 35mm Comfort Gimbal 

Carbon - 100% TORAYCA T1100G Japan Carbon 


King Slayer 76 

Dennis Verreet & YLB Fishing With King slayer on the Great Barrier Reef  

King Slayer Drag Testing 

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