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OceanDevil Diablo Popping & Stick Bait Rods 

Our New Diablo Popping Rod Series have arrived . 

Diablo Rods are made by the finest quality 100% Japan Toray carbon fiber. We have studied many blanks globally especially the finest craftsmanship work shops in  japan to learn the technics and machinery used in order to deliver a high performance popping rod . After spending countless hours on R&D  and many blank tests later we can proudly say we have manufactured one of the most uniq and incredibly long casing and strong  popping rod series. 


The ODD 83F 150 GT is mainly made as Stick Bait rod with a longer softer tip. This longer style rods make casting effortless and with an easy flick you will see your lures flying off into the distance. A more progressive taper on the rod makes it very comfortable to fight big  fish. If you are chasing a long casting stickbait rod definitely consider the Diablo 83F 150 GT Rod.

A more robust and  stiffer tip rod made specifically for big game popping is the Diablo 81F 220 Tuna rod. As much as we like to call it  a Tuna rod rest assured this rod is an impeccable GT fighter, When designing this  rod we took in mind the GT sprint fishing where you put full force in getting the fish off the reef along with taking in mind the  big tuna marathon allowing you fight big fish comfortably for as long as needed while applying consistent pressure at the perfect angle. 

Both Diablo Rods have  been designed to apply a great deal of pressure on fish at all angles of the rod. 

Our rods can easily be high sticked in order to lift the fishes head. At the 60-70 degree angle you will be applying a great and consistent force of pressure on the fish.

Cast Further then ever:

Diablo Rods are a casting rockets. The rods will keep you shocked with vase distances you will reach while casting. 

Casting further makes a great deference on your end of day results.   

 A rode that can deliver 10-15m more distance on each cast will eventually result in covering more accumulated grounds through out the day. Let's face it, we don't always cast on sight or frenzies, when fish are not surfacing we blind cast hens the more ground we cover the more likely we are to come across that record fish. 

Think about it.. if you cast 100 casts a day and we give 10-15m more on each cast.. thats 1000-1500 more meters you cover that day!  Unprecedentedly efficient, the ultralight Diablo optimized Toray carbon blank allows you to cast with 80% less effort.

Power Lifting Advantage: 

Each one of our rods has been designed with the exact curve and carbon reinforced pressure points to deliver the maximum amount of pressure on the fish while reliving pressure off the angler. Having a stiff rod normally delivers all the pressure  on to the angler yet when designing the right pressure points with the right angle of the rod, we can place maximum pressure on the fish and most the tension is mainly absorbed by the rod. With Diablo Rods you fight hard and long with confidence. (see bellow blank testing videos)

The Diablo Blank: 

Diablo Rods are made of  T1100G material from Toray, together with Nanoalloy® resin, we have generated a strong yet soulful carbon blank. These design factors contribute to the Diablo outstanding strength without compromising its long-casting ability.




Technical Question you might have.. were an open book feel free :) 


How many sheets of carbon is used?

Diablo 150 - 253cm-section A   16 sheets

Diablo 150 -  253cm-section B   12 sheets

Diablo 220 - 246cm-section A   20 sheets

Diablo 220 -  246cm-section B   12 sheets


What's the direction of each sheet and how is it rolled ?


Diablo 150 - 253cm-section A:  0°+90°+45°

Diablo 220 -section A:  0°+90°+45°

Diablo 150 -section B:  0°+90°

Diablo 220 -section B:  0°+90°

What is the Grip Material ?

70% hardened EVA grip 

What is the Real Seat used? 

Fuji Double lock heavy duty reel seat.


Which guides are used and how many ?  

7 guid system all Fuji SIC Alconite 97770122 (160KD)  


want to know more ? please email us at


Diablo - ODD 81F 220 Tuna
Length: 8'1" / Lure: 90-220gm / PE Line: 8-10Max / Rod Weight 410gm.

Diablo 81F 220 Tuna This rod castes to the distances with stable popping action made for big game fish yet delivers impeccable lure action. Blank Test Video Click Here