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Devils Grip - BIG GAME Split Ring Pliers ODDG2

Devils Grip - BIG GAME Split Ring Pliers ODDG2

High-Quality Fishing Pliers double coated in titanium anodizing coating to prevent rusting under harsh saltwater conditions, The ODDG2 is equipped with an easy Big Game Split ring opening design mainly used for big stick bait and popper trebles hooks such as size 5 to7 of course it will be efficient on smaller rings as well but made for the big stuff.  

Zigzag scissors make it easy to cut through PE lines and leaders.
The ergonomically designed plastic grip is designed on diamond-cutting technology.
The grip has a hole for a rope for attaching the insurance rope.

The plier has a stainless steel spring making an easy to retrieve from closing to opening. 



Size: 18.8 x 5.8 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 142g
Suitable Split Rings : #5 to #20




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