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SILK OCEAN FCMP Flying Colors Max Pro PE line for Casting (20M Marking)

SILK OCEAN FCMP Flying Colors Max Pro PE line for Casting (20M Marking)


The New SO FCMP most powerful braid in the world and the lowest Diameter VS Strength

Silk Ocean Cast Flying Colors Max Pro is made in Japan from the finest Dyneema UHMWPE raw material.
Silkocean FCMP is a pure braid with no coatings or additives to most of the line other than a 100cm distance marking that appears every 20m on the line, each marking is in a different color (5 colors). The new FCMP braid is stronger than any other braid we have made before and with a unique process of color-changing marking we can offer anglers to measure casting distance and the distance of the fish while hooked up which comes in very handy when fishing big tuna especially.

5% Thicker yet 20% stronger than SilkOcean Cast out new Primum braid
SlikOcean FCMP is combined with the highest quality of raw materials from Japan developed by OceanDevils R&D team, We make sure you enjoy the lowest diameter braid while having the highest brake strength on the market. Each batch of line that comes off the braiding machines gets tested for quality, diameter size, and strength, ensuring Silk Ocean Cast FCMP is the best braid available. Our tests show with Silk Ocean FCMP you will get the best Casting braid on the market, Lowest diameters meaning more line on your reels while delivering impeccable unmatched strength giving you the confidence to hook up big! with increased precision.

Made in Japan 

  • Specs

    PE Size Diameter mm Test KG Test Lb Spool Sizes
    6 0.40 53.5 118 300M,400,600M,1200M
    8 0.44 62.6 138 300M,400,600M,1200M
    10 0.48 71.2 157 300M,400,600M,1200M
    12             0.51                      80             176     300M,400,600M,1200M

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