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Hearty Rise Tokayo Slow Jig III'S

Hearty Rise Tokayo Slow Jig III'S


Hearty Rise 2021 Slow Jig III'S - TOKAYO Addition We are proud to introduce the new and improved version of the classic saltwater series.Behold the new 2021 Slow Jig III ‘S, 5’8 in length with more power than the previous model.The new and improved SJ3’S is both lighter and stronger than the previous model. This new model has been tested for over a year with the Tokayo team of tester Aka Shen and Hide from Taiwan. The Rods were tested against monsters of the ocean and were adjusted to perfection. The New Rods have the new custom design Fuji Titanium Torzite Guides which have now been equipped with a longer base to each guide to withstand the pumping pressure and the bend of the rod. The new blank is enforced with the latest development of HR Labels TORYACA T1100G Nano Carbon composite. We carried on using our proven NET-V III carbon wrapping technology in the new S model along with our DOUBLE HELIX-X technique to strengthen the blank which has been proven to prevent over-wavering maintaining an outstanding rod balance. Please select the Desired rod.


  • Rod Specs

    POWER 1 - TSJ3S-581C/340-O 

    Length: 1.77m

    Pieces/Sections: 1

    Weight: 167g

    Tip/Butt Diameter: 2.5mm / 8.9mm

    Power Grade: #1

    Max jig weight: 340g

    Line (PE): max 2.5

    Carbon: 95%

    Guides: Fuji Torzite Titanium

    Drage Test: 90°angle 14gk / 60°angle 20kg


    POWER 2 - TSJ3S-581C/500-O 

    Length: 1.77m

    Pieces/Sections: 1

    Weight: 190g

    Tip/Butt Diameter: 3.0mm / 9.4mm

    Power Grade: #2

    Max jig weight: 500g

    Line (PE): max 3

    Carbon: 95%

    Guides: Fu